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Intra World Travel and Tours

 Family Owned and Operated

Established in 1985 by former Air India executive Dial V. Gidwani, Intra World Travel and Tours (IWTT) is a family owned and operated business specializing in customized international travel services for both business and recreational travelers.

Before IWTT, Dial worked and lived in India, Japan, Hong Kong, France and Spain, where he opened Air India’s first offices.  Today he and his family reside in the near north suburbs of Chicago.

Having lived on three continents, Dial certainly knows his way around the world.  And so does his son, Ajay, who runs the business today.  From decades of personal and professional experience, they know all the ins and outs of international travel and can tailor the perfect travel experience for you. 

Highlights of our world experiences…

-Paris, France. 1983.  Mr. and Mrs. Gidwani host open night party for the movie Gandhi at Maxim’s.  Guests include Sir Richard Attenborough, Geraldine James, Roshan Seth, Ravi Shankar, and Dominique Lapierre.

-Calcutta, India. 1981.  Thank you letter from novelist Dominique Lapierre to Dial.  (Dial arranged Lapierre’s introduction to Mother Theresa, which led to the book and movie City of Hope.)

-Kobe, Japan. 1976.  Mrs. Gidwani, President of Ikebana International Kobe, cuts ribbon to open flower show.

-Mainichi Daily. 1973.  The Japanese newspaper interviews Dial on India tourism.

-Kai Tak Airport, Hong Kong. 1968.  Dial with Chinese travel agents about to depart for a familiarization trip to India.

-Jaipur, India. 1967.  Dial introduces Spanish travel agents to India.

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Intra World is family owned and operated,with six full-time employees,two outside consultants,and two associates. We recruit employees from trade schools,train them internally on office procedures
and disciplines,and provide specific computer training as needed. Three of our employees have been with us for over seventeen years.


Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois is one of our many corporate accounts. We service various departments and schools, including the prestigious Kellogg School of Business,the School of Mechanical Engineering, the African Studies Program, and the Transportation Department. Travel agents programs, both corporate and individual travel for passengers world wide. Our combined experience enables us to anticipate and meet all your travel needs. Every passenger is unique and special to us. We can only continue to serve our clients by providing that extra service which you expect and deserve. Intra World’s mission is to serve the community with integrity and to provide our customers with responsive and professional service on reliable airlines at competitive cost. Whether it is a first time visit, business travel,a pilgrimage, Palace on Wheels,trekking,or visiting the game reserves,our expertise and service cannot be matched. As a family owned and operated business, we pride ourselves on the level of service we give each and every customer.

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