Members of the IATA and ARC



 Dial Gidwani, Chairman and CEO: After working with Air India for about three decades and living in many different countries such as Spain, Hong Kong, Japan and France, Dial Gidwani decided to move to America and start his own travel agency with the knowledge he gained from working with Air India.  He pondered the idea of moving back to India but it did not offer the same opportunities that America did in the travel market.  Since Intra World Travel and Tours was established in 1985 in Evanston, Illinois, the business has been flourishing in the travel market.  Dial, thus has a total of over 50 years’ experience in the travel business.

Executive Vice President

Ajay Gidwani, Executive VP: Ajay has been in the travel industry alongside Dial for over 20 years.  His responsibilities include interacting with airlines, hotels, car rental companies, and tour operators.  Ajay’s extensive knowledge of the travel industry helps him attend to customers and their travel requirements.  Because Ajay has traveled throughout much of the world, it helps him understand customer’s on their specific needs, whether it be a business trip to New York, or a family vacation going to Disney Land.

Director of Operations

 Anil Gidwani, Director of Operations: Anil has been working with Intra World Travel and Tours since its inception in 1985, since then he has gained a broad education of the travel industry.  Anil has traveled all over the world and has first-class knowledge of the geography.  Today, Anil also has his time invested in running.

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